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Sunshine Coast Air Conditioning
& Commercial Refrigeration

The trusted and friendly team at Arctic provides the Sunshine Coast a prompt, reliable and efficient service. We Install, Service and Repair residential/commercial air conditioning and commercial refrigeration systems.



    Our Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Services

    Our expert technicians can install, service and maintain a wide range of air conditioning, climate control and refrigeration systems including:

    Air Conditioning Installation, Servicing & Repairs

    We install, service and repair all air conditioning brands.
    We offer warranty repairs for Fujitsu, Hitachi, Dometic & Temperzone.

    Air Conditioning & Commercial Refrigeration FAQs

    To find out what size air conditioner you require, you will need to know the size of the room (length, width and ceiling height), what insulation has been used and what orientation the room is. For a small room like a study, you’ll need a 2-2.5kW unit, but for a large room (40-60m2) like a main bedroom or kitchen, you will need a 4-6kW unit. You can also ask our AC experts to advise you on what unit is best for your room.

    The difference between HVAC and air conditioning is that HVAC stands for Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning, so it includes other systems too. Not all air conditioning units are HVAC systems and air conditioning units are usually more common in homes.

    Though most people in Australia choose air conditioning units to keep their homes cool, many of our air conditioning systems can also be used to heat the air too. HVAC systems can be a reliable way to ensure the right temperature and provide heating at a relatively low cost compared to traditional systems. It’s important to check whether the AC unit you are considering has the ability to heat the space too before you install it as not all systems can.

    There are four main types of commercial refrigeration systems including evaporative cooling units, mechanical-compression refrigeration systems, thermoelectric systems and absorption refrigeration systems. These refrigeration systems are suited for different environments and use different methods to maintain cool temperatures.

    Most modern air conditioning systems have been designed to be as energy-efficient as possible so use far less power than previous systems. Some of the chemicals used in old AC systems could cause damage to the environment but most new units are as eco-friendly as possible. Making sure your system is turned off when you’re away and you use it as efficiently as possible can also reduce the impact.

    Most AC systems have a lifespan of around 10-15 years and after this point, it’s wise to upgrade your system. If your system is regularly breaking down or your energy bills have increased dramatically, that might also be a sign you need to replace your air conditioner.

    Installing a new air conditioning system can be cost-effective if you have an older unit as it will also save you money on repair and maintenance costs. Modern AC systems can be far more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly and they can also offer improved performance.

    Commercial fridges are usually more powerful than standard ones as they are opened many times a day and have sturdier construction. There are also more variations of commercial fridges which use different methods of refrigeration depending on the environment. Regular refrigerators usually have lots of shelves and compartments whereas commercial fridges only have one or two shelves, if any. Commercial refrigerators are also a lot noisier than home appliances and are available in much larger sizes.

    Most commercial refrigeration units should be serviced every three to six months to ensure optimum performance.

    Emergency fridge repairs can be costly to fix and you could lose valuable stock so it’s crucial to keep up to date with your maintenance schedule. Our preventative maintenance for refrigeration systems can also protect your manufacturer’s warranty and increase the life expectancy of your system.