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izone air conditioning sunshine coast
izone air conditioning sunshine coast

iZone Smart Air Conditioning Sunshine Coast

Control your businesses or homes aircon from smart devices.

With iZone’s climate control system, you can now easily control your ducted air conditioning system with just a few taps on your smartphone or tablet. No more complicated buttons and knobs – all you need is your device for complete control of your climate.

  • Temperature
  • Fan Speed
  • Schedules
  • Sleep Timer
  • Air Flow
  • Zones
sunshine coast izone control panel


 Did you know that you can convert existing ducted ac into a iZone smart system?

Smart A/C That Keeps Everyone Happy

Say goodbye to arguments over the ideal temperature. With iZone, you can choose up to 12 touchscreen controllers and 14 sensors or zones, so you can personalise the temperature of each room. Simply pick a room and a temperature, and you’re set! No more debates on what’s too hot or cold – you’ll be in control.

Spot-on temperatures

Want to enjoy the exact temperature you desire? With our system, you can enjoy the temperature that you want within 1.0 degree. That’s something special – most systems can only offer a range of 2-3 degrees. No more guesswork – receive precisely the temperature you’re looking for!

Air Conditioning That Saves You Money

iZone’s patented clip-in spigot and damper system has all the hallmarks of a fridge door seal – it stops air from escaping the air network terminals it’s fitted to. To ensure a complete air-tight seal, each spigot and damper is equipped with a foam gasket. This way, you can rest assured that no air will be leaking.

The R1.5 rated air network terminals are cut with the utmost precision by a CNC machine. To ensure extra strength, commercial grade adhesive is applied and vapour-sealed with reinforced aluminium tape. The result is a product of superior quality.

Did you know that some plastic fittings can let up to 10% of air escape into the roof space? This can lead to rising air-conditioning bills and less comfort.

Luckily, with iZones foam-sealed damper blades and fittings, you won’t have to worry about air leakage. You can be sure that your hard-earned money isn’t going to waste!

iSave feature

The built in iSave night cooling system will save you thousands of dollars by using cool night air from outside (instead of using your air-con unit) to cool your home in summer.

Fan Auto Control

iZone can automatically adjust your system’s fan speed depending on how many zones or rooms are actively being heated or cooled, increasing your energy savings.

Warning system

iZone’s ‘Clean Me’ Filter Warning System will remind you to clean your air conditioning filter, reducing running costs and prolonging the life of your system.

Automatic Adjustments

Say goodbye to manual adjustments! iZone provides real-time temperature control in every room with the wireless wall sensors. No more constantly tweaking the airflow – iZone takes care of it for you, automatically adjusting it when each room hits your desired comfort level. Enjoy a perfectly balanced atmosphere without any extra effort.

The Only System With Built-In Fault Notifications

Never worry about being caught off-guard on hot days again! The unique in-screen fault notification system detects and records any technical issues as soon as they happen, meaning we can identify and resolve them immediately. iZone is the only system with damper fault detection capabilities, allowing for a timely response to any zone faults. This means you can rest assured that your system is in safe hands.

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