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Signs Your Air Conditioning Unit May Need To Be Replaced

Hot weather is a great equalizer, regardless of whether you own your home or rent an apartment. Everyone is concerned about whether the air conditioning system needs maintenance or replacement. Replacing your air conditioning unit relies on when you notice that it is not cooling as effectively as it used to or when you discover that the temperature is not regulating as it should.

Below is a list of problems that you should consider replacing your air conditioner.

1. Limited Airflow And Lack Of Cool Air

This is the most obvious indication that something is wrong with your AC. The unit is likely malfunctioning if you turn it on and the air doesn’t start coming out cold immediately. Your piping or ductwork may be clogged, restricting airflow and preventing it from clearing itself. Regardless of the reason, a lack of airflow signifies that you have a problem that must be resolved.

2. The Buildup Of Moisture

All air conditioning units will produce some moisture, but those running efficiently should be able to manage it without any problems. If there is moisture or leakage surrounding your air conditioner, you might be dealing with a refrigerant leak. This will not only cause the system to work poorly, but it also puts your family’s health at considerable risk. Even if the problem is only water accumulation, allowing the issue to persist could result in mould growth.

3. Strange Sounds

Have you noticed that your air conditioner is now louder than it ever was? Strange noises like squeaking, grinding, or chattering are never normal and shouldn’t be interpreted as an indication of ageing. Most air conditioners are designed to run at a barely audible noise level, so if your cooling system is making a lot of noise, it’s time to change to new equipment.

4. Foul Smell

Your air conditioner should never release any strange smells while running. A foul smell indicates a problem with heating and cooling systems. The issue may be brought by mould in the drip pan, clogged air filters, or evaporator coils. Your AC may not always produce clean, neutral-smelling air when there are issues. A burning or smokey odour may signify major problems that must be addressed immediately.

5. High Energy Bills

Is your air conditioner consuming too much electricity to cool your home? This could explain why your energy bills have skyrocketed. Even if the house isn’t appropriately cooled, your old AC may significantly increase your monthly energy costs. By replacing your old air conditioner, you can cut your bills in the future.

6. Frequent Repairs

Do you feel you need to call a specialist to fix your air conditioner frequently? If your unit has required AC repair work at least three or four times in the past several months, it might be time to get a new one and stop worrying about repairs. You will eventually find that buying a new air conditioning unit is more advantageous than paying for repairs.

7. The Air Conditioner Lifespan Is Over

If your air conditioner is at least ten years old, be grateful that it has held up this long and start looking for a replacement. In general, air conditioners live about ten to fifteen years. The typical air conditioning system exhibits substantial wear and tear after ten years.

8. Uneven Cooling In Each Room

Is there a room in your home that consistently feels warmer than the others? Colder? If so, it can indicate that your existing air conditioner isn’t as effective as it once was. The system may not be able to adequately cool a particular region of your house or apartment if your thermostat is faulty.

Do you think your air conditioner might need to be replaced? We recommend that you contact our professional technicians before you decide to purchase a new air conditioner. They will advise you on the best course of action.